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Mandatory immunization is a controversial topic. I believe vaccinations should be mandatory to decrease the risk of outbreaks and creating more dangerous diseases. Vaccines are made to prevent illness and fight against harmful antibodies that I will talk about. The down fall of this argument could be cost and its against some peoples beliefs, but for the betterment of the public I think that is more important. Health physicians, nurses, biologists and many people in the health and science field argue this topic and are willing to fight for it.

I need to find more research but I think there are a lot of stats and opinions I can find on this issue. Olivia February 4, 2010 at 5:40 PMI really think this is a great and interesting topic. After they are injected, the dead or weakened pathogen produces antibodies, which provides immunity against a specific disease. Group CWashinton Heights, New York City, New York, United States This website was created for the National History Day Innovations in History. We chose the topic of vaccines because we believe it has made a great difference in the world.

Without vaccines many more people in the world would be suffering from fatal illnesses. View my complete profile. The immune system then produces the right antibodies to fight the antigens.Vaccines contain weakened or dead versions of the antigens that cause diseases. This means that the antigens cannot produce the signs or symptoms of the disease, but they do stimulate the immune system to create antibodies. Vaccinationsher parents to allow Ryleigh to receive her routine child-hood vaccinations, which would prevent other dangerous ailments she may encounter in.

the future.

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