Summary of books 7 and 8 of the odyssey

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The Odyssey - Book Seven - Detailed VersionBook SevenOdysseus waited in the grove as instructed and then entered the city of the Phaeacians. When he asked directions to the palace, it was Athena in the form of a little girl who showed him the way.Odysseus stopped on the threshhold, dazzled. The very walls of the interior were covered in shining bronze and trimmed with lapis lazuli.The king and his courtiers were banqueting in this splendor, but Athena wrapped Odysseus in a mist so that he passed by unseen. Average Overall Rating: 3.5 Total Votes: 17Chapter 7: Nausikka returns to her house, and Odysseus waits in a forest outside of town until she has arrived, and then Athena, in the form of a little girl, protects Odysseus as he walks to the palace.

Odysseus is given a seat at the table, and during dinner, he tells the king and queen how he escaped from Calypso and was shipwrecked. Athena covers him in a fog so that no one will hinder him and she comes to him in the form of a small girl holding a jug. She is wise and merciful. Odysseus goes into the palace filled with gold and silver with enough rooms for fifty maids-in-waiting. SummaryKing Alcinous and Queen Arete rule the seafaring Phaeacians on the island of Scheria. Summary: Book 7On his way to the palace of Alcinous, the king of thePhaeacians, Odysseus is stopped by a young girl who is Athena indisguise.

As Odysseus walks toward the city, Athena surrounds him with a protective mist. Disguised as a little girl, she guides him to the castle. He blesses her family and begs her for safe passage home. This week, we read Books 7-12. She tells him to go looking for news of his missing father, so he heads to Pylos to visit King Nestor. Nestor takes him in, gives him a dinner—and then tells him to go see King Menelaos in Sparta. At dawn, Athena in the guise of Alcinous gathers people to the meeting grounds. After everyone eats and drinks, the bard Demodocus sings about the battle between Odysseus and Achilles.

The song moves Odysseus to tears. Though Odysseus hides his weeping under his cape, Alcinous notices the tears and urges the guests to move on to athletic competitions. ThoThe Odyssey Book 7Nausicaa rides home and goes to her own room as Odysseus walks into the city and to the palace. She also advises him.

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