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Please include your IP address in your email. Luckily, you can still get the benefits of a searchable, syncable database with handwritten notes and get the best of both worlds. Heck, some of you even prefer pen and paper for managing their to-do list.There are many advantages to writing longhand. I love to type out my thoughts sometimes, but most of the time I like, or more like love the feeling of having the touch and grip feel of a pen in my hand. Indeed, the application and mobile device are so integral to the Livescribe 3, Take better notes with the Livescribe Echo SmartpenTaking notes with a pen and paper may seem old-fashioned, but Sharon Vaknin shows you how to make them more modern -- and just maybe more useful, too.

by Sharon Profis. Many mobile apps and desktop programs have offered intriguing note-taking capabilities, but the truth is: nothing beats handwritten notes. Meet the Echo Smartpen by Livescribe.While the Smartpen allows you t.

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