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A DBQ is an attempt to analyze history from multiple sources and to defend a thesis in your writing. The best way is to remember that your interpretation is correct as long as you support your thesis. There are few right or wrong answers in history, and a DBQ is no exception. You will want to provide a logical thesis for your argument -- that is, one backed up by evidence as well as your interpretation. The organization of your DBQ will also strengthen your thesis. Gather the documents you need to write the DBQ.

Students can be presented with quotes, journal entries or even photographs and are then asked to assess how they influence our interpretation of history. Read and analyze the question. Determine what the question is asking you to do. Pay close attention to the verb used in the prompt. Marcella Ruland also suggests looking for conjunctions (and, or) to ensure that you are answering the question completely. Step 2. Read the documents. Underline information that is relevant to the question.

It is important to consider the point of view of the documents, including who wrote it and under what circumstances. The context of the document is just as important as the information it contains. Step 4. Write the introductory paragraph. Know that you will be given 15 minutes to read the prompt, analyze the documents, and do any pre-writing. When those 15 minutes are up, it is time to begin writing. This section covers those 15 minutes. Read the prompt. Determine what sort of evidence you will have to find in the documents based on the prompt question. Always circle or underline the specific society (or societies) being asked about, the time period, and the key concepts (like economic or cultural problems) that are mentioned in the prompt.

Please help in any way you can, it would be much appreciated. Thank you. Best Answer: Hey, the thesis is really important, so look at the generic rubric for an AP World History essay, and you can easily see what is necessary.Take a look at this rubric for the DBQ: want to give you some advice that I wish I had last year when I took the course:Always group documents in your thesis. Group them by patterns inThis is part of an 8 part series on how to write standard DBQ essays in history. Each video covers a different step in the writing process.

You can watch them all consecutively or come back to review individual steps as needed. Every document I reference will always be available for download in the video description.Writing Standard Essays in History Video Series: Essay Outline: Essay Processor: Standard DBQ: Description: Description: Standard DBQ Processor: Standard DBQ Response.

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