Divergent novel study questions

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Does she always tell the truth. Does she always know the truth. Does it make sense that, for example, the Dauntless are the guards of the city. Do they have a role in this city. This study guide contains the following sections. They are Abnegation which is in control of the government, Dauntless which is in charge of security both inside the city and at the city walls, Amity which is the faction that grows most of the food and fills the role of caregivers, Erudite which is in charge of education and research, and Candor which is in control of law and justice.

A child is born to a faction, but once they reach about sixteen years of age, they are given an aptitude test to help them decide which faction they will live in for their rest of their lives. This UPDATED unit will appeal to a wide variety of students, with varying academic abilities. Divergent will leave you waiting for the next installment to this trilogy. But, what makes this book unique is that Tris gets to choose her future. The city is walled with armed guards that seem to be keeping people in the city.

However, teens who ar.

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