Distillation lab high school

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A simple distillation involves sipping off the vapor phase in its relative proportions of A and B. A theoretical plate can be thought of as a simple distillation. If one arranges a series of simple distillations, one component will ultimately come out pure in the end. If one were to arrange a verticle column that loses heat to its surroundings,Simple distillation is a deceptive name. The distillation demo was the final step in a waterpurification lab conducted by my Honors students. They were challenged to purify a water samplethat contained oil, coffee grounds, garlic powder, and salt.

The aim of the ILP is to address the diverse range of experience and skills students bring with them to a university by offering a resource to support their transition from school to the university chemistry laboratory. The ILP is quite simply a visual guide to common laboratory techniques.This video tutorial will teach you how to perform simple distillation in the chemistry lab.

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