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WHY WE CAREPlugged In exists to shine a light on the world of popular entertainment while giving you and your family the essential tools you need to understand, navigate and impact the culture in which we live. Works of Richard Sibbes Volume 1. This is now the fifth of seven volumes in his collection of Works produced by The Banner of Truth Trust. It has taken me almost a year to get this far for a myriad of reasons, but one thing I know is that this set of works has been invaluable to my personal walk with the Lord. Also included in this particular volume is The Art of Divine Contentment and Salvation Applied.

Permission is granted to quote up to two paragraphs of any blog entry, provided that a link back to the original is included or (in print) the website address is provided. Please email me regarding longer quotes. All other rights reserved. Does this describe you. Bill Hybels is one of the most well-known and accomplished Christian leaders in the country.In this short clip, he challenges leaders to invest in their own growth by reading, and shares about his own habit of reading, in order to become a better, more effective leader.

AdvertisementBooks, once considered the the pinnacle of human civilization, have slowly gone into retreat. Peterson, Professor of Systematic Theology at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri, has written Salvation Accomplished by the Son: The Work of Christ, a lengthy summation of the Person and Work of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. What is both a rare and commendable feature about this book is how Peterson provides excellent, detailed, and lucid exposition of virtually every Old Testament and New Testament passage which either anticipates or explains the various aspects of the earthly (and beyond) work of Jesus.

He provides significant exegesis in order to substantiate his various perspectives on the work of Christ, especially where disagreements and disputes have arisen. In addition, you will find free Christian book excerpts from fiction and non-fiction books, so that you can get an idea of what the book is about and how it is written. Plus, you will find author interviews shedding light on their inspiration, and insights into their Christian books. Christian Book Reviews, Author Interviews, Excerpts.

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