Pinto bean germination lab

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Select and use appropriate tools and technology (such as computer-linkedprobes, spreadsheets, and graphing calculators) to perform tests, collectdata, analyze relationships, and display data.d. Formulate explanations by using logic and evidence.f. Distinguish between hypothesis and theory as scientific terms.i. Analyze situations and solve problems that require combining andapplying concepts from more than one area of science.

Five beans per type of bean and two types of beans are in each bag. There is condensation on the bag from the wet paper towel. The plastic bags are placed on my window sill. Today was a bit dark so the beans did not get too much sun light. I am hoping to see some progress tomorrow.Day 2: The beans have not changed in appearance today. However, the bag has much more condensation. So much in fact, that it is hard to see the beans clearly. The condensation has created somewhat of a fog appearance.Day 3: The beans and the bag appear to be the same as yesterday.

There is a lot of condensation in the bag (seems to be increasing more every day) There is a darker wet spot outlining the beans on the paper towel. Monocots have one cotyledon. Rice and corn are monocots. Dicots have two cotyledons.

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