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Here is where we write book reviews for our online publishing. Check out our class portraits and other great stuff.To view a particular class in this site, click on the class portraits on the right of this page and then on the students picture to see their work. Forse decided to jump into persuasive writing with her 2nd grade advanced readers this past week after spending some time studying the new Common Core State Standards for Writing.

It was my privilege to model what this might look like. I used the book Punt, Pass and Point, by Bonnie-Alise Leggat. I love this book because it was written and illustrated by a third grader, which is a big selling point for kids. After we modeled the book review to the left, kids were asked to select a favorite book of theirs to write a book review on. The initial reviews were good, but showed some confusions and missing pieces. Mrs. Forse took this information and did what great teachers do, she gave them another model.

They are in week three of a writing workshop focus on review writing. The first week they wrote book reviews and the second week they wrote movie reviews. Beginning in kindergarten, we ask students to think about their audience when they write by making sure there are small spaces between the letters and larger spaces between the words. As they get older, we ask students to think about their audience when choosing what details they should include (or remove) from their pieces.

This concept of audience is an abstract idea, but it is increasingly important as students get older and begin to write more complex pieces like persuasive letters and opinion-based essays. Book ReviewsBeginning in 2nd grade, students have one unit that focuses on writing book reviews. Audience is a big factor in wriHave you ever wanted to be someone else. My favorite part is when Spoon gets to jump in the bowl of ice cream. I recommend this book to people who think their perfect because not every body is perfect and for people who want to be someone else.

Always in TroubleAre you tired of having a dog who always gets in trouble.Read this book you will know how to make him stop. I enjoy when the dog took out the trash. Have you ever seen a spoon that can walk. This book is about a spoon and he wants to be like his friends. Spoons friends also want to be like spoon. Charts Classroom Ideas Anchor Charts Classroom Ideas Anchor Charts Classroom Writing School Writing Teaching Writing Teaching Ideas Opinion Writing Kindergarten Teaching Persuasive ForwardOpinion Writing Anchor Chart good to start art criticism statements See More.

Writing Workshop Opinion Grade Opinion Writing K12 Writing Trait Writing Writing Opinion Persuasive Writing Reading Writing Prompts Writing Ideas Reading Ideas ForwardPicture books to use with Opinion Writing See More. Maddeness Persuasive Persuasive Writing Ideas Teaching Maddeness Review Persuasive Purpose Persuasive Persuasive Paragraph Summariz.

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