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Business EconomicsWelcome to the International Bachelor ProgramThe International Bachelor program for Business Economics is a unique course of studies offered to both German and international students. SET foot in Germany this year and you are likely to encounter the jowly, dour portrait of Martin Luther. With more than 1,000 events in 100 locations, the whole nation is celebrating the 500th anniversary of the monk issuing his 95 theses and (perhaps apocryphally) pinning them to the church door at Wittenberg. After generations of secularisation, not to mention decades of official atheism in the formerly communist east (which includes Wittenberg), Germans are not particularly religious.

Aug 20th 2002, 9:25 from Print editionMillions of people in South and East Asia have been affected by serious flooding and hundreds have been killed. Such disasters are an almost annual event. But this year has also seen devastating floods in Eastern and Central Europe, leading some to blame changing weather patterns and global warming.

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