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A Story by Elizabeth CoatsworthIn ancient Japan, a poor artist was waiting for his housekeeper and when she came home with a basket and a cloth covering the top, the artist hoped she had brought home some food. But when the housekeeper opened the cover, there in the basket was only a little cat. The artist was angered at his housekeeper for only bringing a cat, not food, so the housekeeper told the artist the every night she is awakened by rats. The artist wanted to see the cat, so the cat jumped out of the basket without making the basket move.

The artist saw that she was white and had yellow and black spots and a tail like a rabbit. The artist said that a three-colored cat will give luck to them. So they named her Good Fortune.One day the priest of the temple wanted to see him, so the housekeeper bought some tea and cakes. When the priest arrived he asked the artist to do a painting ofHere are many examples of short stories for you to read online. Online has become another leg in our life. WE have to take that into account so that we will go along the growth of the science and technology.

Computer has revolutionalised our world. The people have started to see another world. What we were has become history. The twentieth century has become remote history. The IT companies and other computer-based companies have outperformed other traditional companies which have been there for a long time. Accuracy has become the most used word among the people. Telecommunication has become very very cheap affair all over the world. All these achievements are possible because of Computer and the Internet. The next page obligingly revealed all by way of a peppily sweet introduction which began with this greeting: How do you do.

The resources are intended for elementaryor possibly middle school students, both regular and ESL.BookReports Templates:Acollection of book report templates with different graphics to keepit interesting. The author worked at the draft for over twenty years. We helped to revise it from a memoir to a more dramatic fictional story. The cover design reflects a turning point scene in the book. I located the cover images from free creative commons sources and blended them to recreate that scene. We placed the book on through CreateSpace.

I recently revisited this book to create an ebook version for the Kindle. This author came to us with an editing challenge: how to combine her life story with the journals of her father. Their experiences and times were different, yet they influenced each other. The result is a non-liner narrative, a mix of prose and journal entries. The cover image provided by the author represents their complex, troubled relationship.

This was a project with a team approach. Bernard father. He had a bloody and dangerous fight over Spitz, the brutal leader of another team whom he defeated.

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