Dna experiments to do at home

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Nova, an American TVseries, have a great experiment. It is a kind of scientific model, useful in helping us understand how DNA functions, but in reality impossible to see.The structure of a molecule is far too small to be seen with even the most powerful of microscopes. You see, science is all around us in the colors we see and the environment all around us. The chances are that you already have the supplies you need to make your own science experiment from the comfort of your own home.

Need a centrifuge to separate your DNA from cellular junk. Take your pick of 20. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Gloss and all related sites and logos are trademarks of Defy Media. Build a Gel Electrophoresis Chamber (PDF 8,21.5 KB)Description: Step-by-step instructions for building a gel electrophoresis chamber using inexpens.

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