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Making a chain of paper dolls is a classic paper craft that every child should do. Be sure that the arms extend beyond the edge of the folded sheet. You can draw your own figure or use these printable templates.3. Cut the figure out and unfold. Or, use more than one sheet of paper and connect the figures with tape.For more origami and paper craft ideas for kids, check out the Origami Resource Center. Share this craftPaper Doll Chains What you will make:Create a chain of paper dolls by cutting multi-folded paper strips.Learn this basic paper cutting technique with paper dolls, then letyour imagination run wild.

Cut paper chains with themes for everyseason and every special event. They make wonderful decorations forparties, classrooms, and your home.This craft project is great for family, classroom or group crafttime. With a little preparation by the adult or teen leader, thisproject is both quick and easy for groups of kids.This craft features bilateral symmetry— two halves that aremirror images of each other.Learn more about symmetry and explore paper cutting inthese related crafts:Paper Flowers -Fold paper squares in fourths, then cut out flowers.Symmetry in Snowflakes -Fold and cut squares of paper to make snowflakes.At the end of this project page, find links to other siteswith mHave you ever wanted to know how to make a paper doll chain.

Well, if so. I am going to be showing you how to make that today. Check out for the full craft details. These paper dolls are a great extension or variation to that project. And before I get to the tutorial part of this post, I wanted to make an announcement. At Craft Lake City this Saturday, I will be hosting a craft booth where kids can make these paper doll chains. Come on by. Paper People Chain Template Paper Dolls Chain Template Paper Doll Chains Paper Dolls Diy Paper Chain People Paper Toys Crafting Kids Paper Craft For Kids Craft Fun Forwardpaper doll chain with a boy and girl See More.

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