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The Professional Writing Program (PWP) provides Maryland undergraduates with practice in the writing and document design skills necessary for success in their careers. Whichever PWP course students take, they will consider specific problems associated with their majors and research and develop successful solutions to those problems. In the process, students get hands-on exOverviewThe Writing Programs at the University of Maryland offer instruction and guidance in academic and professional writing.

Academic Writing (ENGL101) focuses on academic writing, while the Professional Writing Program (ENGL 390-395 and 398) prepares students for writing challenges beyond the university. All composition and rhetoric faculty and other English department faculty appointed by the chair comprise this committee. Harold Jerome Herman, who taught in the English Department for more than three decades, died on December 12, 201, at the Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC, after a brief illness. He was 87 years old. Those presenting from the Department include faculty members and graduate students.

Sin and Confession in Colonial Peru by Regina Harrison looks closely at the implementation of the European sacrament of confession in the early modern contest of the Andes. In late October Scott Wible delivered a keynote address at the Thomas R. Watson Conference at the University of Louisville. In order to create video or audio recordings your computer needs to bewebcam-enabled.

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