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A. Thesis -The right to carry aconcealed weapon is an issue that is at the forefront of the American gundebate. It is our natural right to be ableto possess firearms and to defend ourselves from harm and tyranny, and thegovernment should not infringe on that right by limiting our right to carry aconcealed weapon. In the followingparagraphs I intend to: defend the Second Amendment, tell how CPL laws are a deterrentto criminal, explain how strict laws enable criminals, and prove that CPLholders are educated and trained.

Smarter Vs. Although people are pushing for stricter gun laws in hope to lower the crime rates, it had been proven that stricter gun laws will not decrease crime rates. Possible introduction - A lot of questions were raised about the effects of everyone being allowed to carry guns. The rise of crime and murder are certain areas to think about being most impacted by the state carrying side arms. We also need to ask ourselves, how often are guns used for protection. Is the law helping citizens protect their family or is the law just making it easier to commit murder. Report Abuse I think this question violates the Community GuidelinesChat or rant, adultOutline Gun ControlHaving gun control I see it as taking a bit of our freedom away because having control over our own weapons is part.

of having freedom. Gun ControlGun ControlApril 25, 2012Recently, there have been many debates going on in the news that are focusing on firearms, and. firearm control. If we did not have any sort of laws and rules for gun owners, and with that anyone and everyone could own a gun which there are people who should not own a gun. I.

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