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Story grammar helps break down the important elements of a story for students. By isolating these elements, students can better understand the story as a whole. These worksheets for character, setting, plot, and conclusion help. The form can be used for any piece of literature. Students write about the theme, setting, characters and events. For this first butterfly book report project, students find examples of colorfulelements in their stories: colorful verbs, colorful adjectives, colorfulcharacters, and colorful plot.

The colorful caterpillar book report below matchesthis butterfly book report. This will help him think more about what he is reading. I am also having him choose more educational books, like biographies and historical fiction so he is learning from these books he chooses for his reports.I was searching for an elementary book report template to use so we could have it ready to pull out each week. I like simple things without lots of cartoons or color when I print it. I also wanted the questions to be thoughtful and aid in his learning.

I was unable to find anything that had all of the questions that I wanted him to answer for his reports, so I decided to make one myself. Thanks for the book report template. My boys are not avid readers but they have totally enjoyed reading this summer with this fun incentive program I came up which can be used all year long.I totally have to share this with you because I was in complete shock. My boys were playing Wii and suddenly I see my oldest come down the stairs, grab a book and head outside to read. I was flabbergasted, I grabbed my camera to prove it. I love that getting them into a reading routine has turned into reading on their own for their own personal pleasure.

Now on another note, oh my, I had no idea he was wearing such an awful color combination until now that I am looking at this photo. For more information about this project, visit this page: See More. What a creative book report. See More. People Biographies Teaching Biographies Biography People Person Biography Biographies Memoirs School Social Grade Social Common Common Cores Forwardhanger people biography aligned with the common core standards See More. Homeschool Learning Activites Education Homeschool Homeschool Ideas Wild Homeschooling Fabulous Teaching Fun Teaching Teaching Quotes Book Reports.

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