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These are also available in the Career Guide, which you can pick up in any of our offices or view online.Try to avoid copying the samples word-for-word. The combination resume (as described in Choose a Resume Format) is very well received by recruiters and employers. This is sometimes the case with government and college job titles that use numbers or codes to show what level they are. As you can see in the combination resume template below, the skill headings help explain the job title.To see how real job seekers used this format, browse through my combination resume examples.

You might get some good tips for how to make your combination resume work for you. Combination Resume TemplateThe following resume template is an image that you can view to grasp how the combination resumExamples of Combination ResumesThe following sample resumes all use the combination format. This resume has an unusual twist: The job seeker, Anna (not her real name), is using it to return to a position she held several years ago.

Choose from thousands of industry-specific bullet points and write a professional application in minutes. Our samples give perfect guidelines for you to follow to make the best application for your industry. Our editors offer a combination resume example as a guidelineThe combination resume is a blend of the chronological resume and functional resume formats. The format is flexible, which allows you to emphasize the sections you think are the strongest. Proven clerical, customer service, and communication skills in a variety of settings. Upbeat, positive attitude with a history of producing quality results and satisfied customers.

A chronological resume focuses on work experience, providing a reverse-chronological employment history and ample detail about job duties and accomplishments. This type of resume works for applicants on a steady career track, because it emphasizes work experience.On the other hand, a functional resume highlights key skills and downplays work experience. The combination resume incorporates the best of the chronological and functional formats. Generally, it leads with a description of functional skills and related qual.

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