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Planning a course Aims, objectives and learning outcomes IntroductionAims, objectives and learning outcomes provide a clear indication ofthe goals and purpose of the training. Trainers use them to focusthe training and to assess performance and success of participants.Participants can use them to evaluate the training from their ownperspective.Aims are overall statements of what you hope the training event will achieve. While the specific training steps are necessary, establishing the training objectives from the very beginning will help to ensure successful training.

The training objectives must be clear and relevant, and most importantly, they must be communicated with the audience that will receive the training. Write training objectives down, and include them in the training manual or curriculum. Identify the overall purpose of the training. Before doing anything else, you must identify the purpose, or the desired outcome, of the training. The blog also ii) To assist the employees to function more effectively in their present position by exposing them to the latest concepts, information and techniques and developing in them the skills required in their fields,iii) To build up a second line of competent officers and prepare them as a part of their career progression to occupy more responsible positions.iv) To broaden the minds of the senior managers by providing them opportunities for interchange of experiences within and outside with a view to correct the narrow outlook that may arise from over specialization.(v) To impart customer education.

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