Writing a reflection paper for college

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Reflection papers allow students the chance to reinforce what they have learned through coursework, lectures and personal experience. Often, students involved in experiential classes or capstones such as internships or practicums find reflection papers invaluable for synthesizing their theoretical knowledge with their applied experience. Learning how to write a reflection paper helps you organize your thoughts methodically and gain more from practical experience.

Compare your experience with your prior knowledge. Introduce any ideas that you had encountered. Point out why you feel the concept pertains to the experience. A reflection essay is more casual than a research essay, but it still requires clear focus and organization. Keep a journal or notes to chronicle your reactions. As you gather your thoughts, begin to notice any repetition of ideas or related ideas. Use your favorite brainstorming technique to identify the responses that most interest you and identify two or three that seem the most generative.

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Aug 30, 201. Writing a paper can be a daunting process. While the task.

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