Display device has failed

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I used to have no problems at all. i dont know if it was a windows update, or what that has caused my problem but i would like someone to please help me out. Hi Gamerguy1984,Welcome to Microsoft aAcer 4330 Window Vista Home Premium(successfully upgraded from basic) Processor:intel celeron 575 2.0GHZ 732 Intel mobile intle graphic accelerator 4500M --2GB DDR2 120GB HDDSymptom: screen goes black for sometimes less than 1 second. Please advise--or not. (I know these items can be hard to hunt down.). Hi Normco,Thank you for posting on the forum.Quick questions, is your Vista up to date with Windows Recent Updates and Service Pack.

Basically it is a timer that counts how many seconds the video card has stopped responding to the OS (2 seconds by default) and it assumes the video card or driver has crashed. It restarts the video subsystem in an attempt to prevent a crash. Maybe some system files related to video get corrupted, or the video drivers are poorly written, or the video card has a hardware fault. It could also be a program that drops the frame-rate too low, like a high-end (or buggy) game.

There may be an issue with the update package.Contact your IT admin support group. Updated Feb 15th:I used the Display Driver Uninstaller to clean uninstall my graphic card driver, then installed the latest driver from nvidia website, the game works perfect now. So, occasionally, my computer would glitch and split screen the desktop and the only thing that would restore the desktop to normal would be a restart. I turned the computer off and then on, and now the computer is booting, but there is no image on the screen.

Any ideas. Thanks in advance. HP h8-.

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