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If you are taking AP, honors or college preporatory classes, select the corresponding class type to calculate your weighted GPA. Figuring out your high school GPA is a breeze with our easy to use online high school GPA calculator. Why enroll in an Advanced Placement (AP) class. After all, high school is a pressure cooker. You already have to take the SAT, apply to college, and keep up with your extracurriculars. But we recommend you consider it. Here are four ways AChart an AP course to a college major or career area. These courses offer college credit if you pass an AP exam and are more challenging than traditional high school classes.

At Brentwood High School, students get an additional point UpdatedJanuary 13, 2017.A weighted GPA is calculated by awarding additional points to classes that are considered more challenging than the basic curriculum. Selective colleges will be looking for strong grades in the most challenging classes you can take. IDCourse NameDurationStart DateAP245AP US GovernmentOne SemesterAP24AP United States HistoryTwo SemestersAP187AP StatisticsTwo SemestersAP271AP Spanish LanguageTwo SemestersAP191AP PsychologyOne SemesterAP244AP MicroeconomicsOne SemesterAP242AP MacroeconomicsOne SemesterAP185AP English LiteratureTwo SemestersAP472AP English LanguageTwo SemestersAP189AP ChemistryTwo SemestersAP243AP Calculus ABTwo SemestersAP34AP BiologyTwo Semesters.

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