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UpdatedFebruary 09, 2017.Foreign language requirements vary from school to school, and the exact requirement is often not clear for any individual school. Do language classes in middle school count. If a college requires 4 years of a language, does a high score on the AP fulfill the requirement. In addition, we will consider your curriculum, teacher evaluations, essays and extracurricular activities. CurriculumWe do not have a required high school (or college) curriculum, but we do make recommendations.

We expect freshman applicants to have engaged in a rigorous curriculum and chosen from among the most demanding courses available in their secondary school. Our most competitive freshman applicants often have four years (grades 9-12) of English, four years of math (including calculus), four years of social studies, four years of science (including biology, chemistry and physics) and fFind matching schools based on. How Do I Start Choosing a College. Before you ask which colleges to apply to, please consider the following. Mistakes College Process Rookies Make Majors and College Search Your College Major: What to Choose.

Read actual questions from students about college admission requirements and see answers and advice from college planning and admissions expertsI was wondering how GPA is weighted for college applications. Check out this story on For years, the most common recommendation by counselors has been for the student to take four years of foreign language in high school because that usually exempted students from taking foreign language at the college level, which is much more academically demanding.This recommendation is no longer accurate.

Families need to realize that making a wrongUpdatedFebruary 09, 2017.Foreign language requirements vary from school to school, and the exact requirement is often not clear for any individual school. As you choose classes in high school, these core courses should always get top priority. Students without these classes may be automatically disqualified for admission (even at open admissions colleges), or they may be admitted provisionally and need to take remedial courses to gain an appropriate level of college readiness.

Almost all universities and many community colleges require some extent of foreign language exposure in high school (or junior college if transferring to a university) for admission. In general, this is a liberal arts requirement. Foreign language requirements for college admission differ, however, from school to school.For the most part, colleges expect at least two years of foreign language classes prior to admission into the school. In the case of the more competitive universities, the more years of foreign language an applicant has, the better their chance of acceptance will be.

Some notable schools that require more than two years of foreign languages include Stanford University (tJuly 30, 2012, Posted In Admissions StrategyDo you speak English as a second language. Loquerisne Latine. With most American high schools offering Spanish, French, Latin and sometimes even German or Mandarin, chances are that you have taken your fair share of language courses and have hopefully learned something along the way. More competitive schools, such as Stanford and Harvard, require a minimum of three years, with a fourth year recommended.

Families need to realize that making a wrong.

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