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NOTE: other restrictions can be a result of our security platform detecting potential malicious activity. Please try again later as the restrictions may be lifted, or contact your service provider if the issue persists.ID: 12188225457991847. In fact, I can see how it will be immediately useful to me. And most current texts fail to cover the substantial recent developments in the field. Writing Training Materials that Work is different. Writing Training Materials that Work, by Wellesley R. Foshay,Kenneth H. Silber and Michael B. Add to wishlistAlready own it.

Foshay, Kenneth H. Silber, Michael Stelnicki. In it, the authors identify, synthesize, and summarize the most current best practices in ID. They offer new ways of teaching declarative knowledge (facts, concepts, and principles) and well- to ill- structured procedural knowledge (problem solving). Their recommendations are based on those principles in the cognitive learning and instruction literature that are internally consistent, prescriptive, and have been empirically demonstrated to make a cost-effective difference.

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