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To communicate effectively you need to get your point across and relay information clearly. The reader will understand exactly what you mean. Following are some tips for effective writing and some common errors. How to Make Your Writing CommunicateEffective writing allows the reader to thoroughly understand everything you are saying. This is not always easy to do. Do you want the reader to do something for you or are you merely passing along information. Do you want a response from the reader or do you want him to take action.

Your purpose needs to be stated in the communication. Avoid information that is not relevant. Certain forms of communication, like memorandums and proposals need a formal tone. This means it holds together well because there are links betweensentences and paragraphs. Some of these devices are MACRO or whole text devices whilesome are MICRO or more detailed devices for improving the effectivenessand cohesiveness of your writing.Rollover each macro device to see the correspondingmicro device.

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